Five to ditch and five to try: what fish should we be eating in 2024?

Warming seas and overfishing are taking their toll on the UK’s favourites, so play your part in nursing populations back to health

In a year of record-breaking temperatures and marine heatwaves threatening our already depleted seas, conservationists, supermarkets and even musicians, including Icelandic singer Björk, have spoken out over dwindling wild fish populations.

Oceana, a US-based NGO, reported that half of Britain’s largest wild fish populations, including North Sea cod, are either overfished or in a critical state; supermarkets criticised the UK, Norway and EU for failure to reach agreement over sustainable mackerel fishing; and Blue Marine Foundation, another charity, is taking the UK government to court for “illegally squandering” fish populations by ignoring scientific advice on those shared with the EU and Norway.

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