Sold: 2,000 captive southern white rhino destined for freedom across Africa

The South African herd represents up to 15% of Africa’s remaining population. Happily, the new owners are willing to spend huge sums for translocations across the continent

Every morning, South African conservationist Donovan Jooste looks out on to grasslands populated with some of the 2,000 southern white rhinos currently in his care. Representing 12-15% of Africa’s remaining white rhino population, there are more of the animals on this farm in the North West province of South Africa than can be found in any single wild location across the continent.

“It’s definitely a sight. It’s a unique scenario to see so many in a single place,” Jooste says. “But the conservation opportunity is even more exciting. The question is: how do we get from where we are now to having them in open, well-protected areas?”

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